Welcome to Dirt Road Wife

So what do you do with the little free time you find, between taking care of a family, working a part-time job and enjoying more than one hobby?  Why, start a blog with an old college friend, of course!

Welcome to Dirt Road Wife, the place where two old friends have joined forces to share their experiences about life in rural America.  We both decided to forgo careers in the communications world to focus on family and a more simple lifestyle.  We live miles from nowhere in two different states, but share a passion for family, agriculture, the outdoors and live life as a conservative, capable Dirt Road Wife.  We started this blog to share our passions and opinions on, well, anything and everything.  That, and we are pretty sure we two of the funniest women we know and feel the world is missing out on that particular joy.  Seriously, if you have any doubts about that, spend some time with us.  If nothing else, you can laugh at us, rather than with us.  Either way, you’re guaranteed a laugh.

Teresa is a born and bred Wyoming girl, now living far from the shadow of any mountains with her husband, Outdoor Guy, her 3 year old daughter, Wyokiddo, three really hairy dogs and about 18,000 pheasants.  Her dirt road ends at a bird farm, 20 miles from a grocery store and 70 miles from the nearest Target store (this is a big deal because at one point in time, she lived 180 miles from Target.  GASP! SOB!).  In her former life, Teresa worked in publications and information for several statewide natural resource agencies.  Today, she spends her days chasing Wyokiddo around, dabbling in wildlife photography and sharing her cooking (mis)adventures.  You’ll probably catch her blogging about purple shephard’s pie, photography, motherhood or finding her inner-outdoor woman.

Joey is the not so conservative half of the pair.  Confession:  Her first car had the Grateful Dead bears on it.  She’s a bit of a bohemian who ended up in rural SD ten years ago.  And she’s far more rural than Teresa.  She’s 24 miles from a grocery store but further from a Target than Teresa by 60 miles.  Her former life in sports marketing, and as as director in various non-profits did nothing to prepare her for living on the dirt road she now occupies.  Grocery shopping once a month was NOT in her Master’s curriculum.  She’s not as adventurous in the cooking department as her friend, but makes up for it with her dry sense of humor and the occasional, er, not so occasional soap box rants about random things in life.  Joey spends her time trying to make a living as a quilt artist while working two jobs, being a wife to a Southerner, mother to “the kid,” and the circus leader of two species confused animals.

Curious now?  We thought you might be . . . .


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