Meet our “bird” dog

Border collies are working dogs.  They were bred to help with livestock, specifically sheep, and are the kind of dog that needs a job to keep them happy.  They are known for their intelligence, obedience and athleticism.  Ours is known for barking at unseen assailants and the uncanny ability to get tangled in my feet as I’m about to head down the stairs.

For the last nine years, Archie has been unemployed, because there’s really no need for a stock dog at a fish hatchery.

Since our move to the bird farm, this 12-year old bored collie has been helping my husband herd the pheasant chicks into their barns at night.  Now he’s earning his keep and he couldn’t be happier.  Today, he helped move 5,000 chicks to their big enclosure.

This is what a happy Archie dog looks like.  A  dog so tired he’s snoring with his eyes open.  Congratulations on the new job, big guy!


Archie tired


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