Wyoming Weather

Snow. You White Wench!

photo from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Facebook page

There’s an old joke about Wyoming, saying she only has two seasons – winter and the Fourth of July.  Some years, that’s not far from the truth.

This was the scene at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort today, located just outside Jackson, Wyo. (we lived about 100 miles and 1,500 feet higher from Jackson) You will note the date is July 27, 2015, and it is snowing.  To this I say…

Oh.  Hell. No.

This. This right here is reason #125 why I wanted to move to Goshen County from western Wyoming. I’m not wild about the 101 degree heat we saw here yesterday, but snow in July is…is…wrong.  I’m not ready to pack away my flip-flops.

So Jackson can keep it’s snow and pretty mountains and masses of tourists.  If anyone needs me, I’ll just be relaxing over here in farm country by my inflatable pool with Wyokiddo, our frogs and flip-flops.



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