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Zebra Cowgirl

In a few short weeks, my daughter will officially be a preschooler (SOB!).  When we moved, we promised Wyokiddo we would create a new “big girl” bedroom for her that she could help design and decorate.  Originally, she asked for black walls.  Outdoor Guy said no.  Then she asked for pink and black and white and green and purple and blue.


In lieu of making her room look like one giant package of Skittles, we settled on aqua for the walls with black, pink, white and purple accents.  Since she’s been spending the last few days with her grandparents, I took the opportunity to get to work.  I’m pleased with the results.  I call it Zebra Cowgirl.

I love the paint color (previously it was a dark blue that made the room feel like a cave) and the pop of pink added by the bedding, rug and outlet covers.  I also repurposed some coffee cans with a little pink spray paint to create colorful canisters for her toys.  But it’s the little touches that I hope make Wyokiddo feel right at home, like her name above her bed, and vinyl cow silhouettes.  After all, moo cows are her most very favorite animal!

Soon enough, the cows and horses and Minnie Mouse stuff will be replaced with pictures of boys and clothes and other assorted tween and teen paraphernalia.  But for now, it’s a room perfect for my cow-loving, pink and black and white and purple and blue and green craving little dynamo, who outgrew her nursery but is still perfectly little enough to snuggle with Mama.


Zebra Cowgirl Room

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