Whistle While You Till

When we told everyone we were moving from Western Wyoming to the eastern side of the state, a friend commented that I wouldn’t have anything pretty to photograph anymore. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Eastern Wyoming, while very different, is full of amazing things to photograph, including agriculture life. Just check out these beautiful photos from Liz, a friend of mine in real life and the blogosphere over at the farmpaparazzi.com.

The Farm Paparazzi

Drilling 2015 | The Farm Paparazzi Drilling malt barley seed

Happy First Day of Spring! It’s been beautiful here in Wheatland. Our trademark Rapid Air Movement (RAM, a.k.a. wind) has been kind to us, the temperatures have been favorable and we haven’t yet gotten dumped on by a major blizzard. I’m sure this also makes the ranchers happy as they calve this time of year.

Drilling 2015 | The Farm Paparazzi Filling the grain drill with malt barley seed

We’ve been in full swing getting malt barley planted. It’s one of my favorite crops to watch grow and to harvest. Nothing like seeing beautiful fields of green and, later on, golden waves of grain!

Tillage 2015 | The Farm Paparazzi Malt barley growing in June 2014

Malt Barley Harvest 2014 | The Farm Paparazzi Malt barley harvest 2014. Combine harvests the grain (left) and the grain cart takes the grain to load on the trucks (right).

In order to prepare the seed bed for the malt barley, we’ve been busy tilling; discing, plowing and roller-harrowing. I’ve…

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