country living, insects, photography


Praying MantisTonight was another creature first for me – a praying mantis!  This beauty was climbing its way across the potted flowers along our driveway.

I’ve since learned they are more accurately called mantids and that there are more than 2,400 species of mantid, praying or otherwise.  They have compound eyes that are spread wide across their head to give them a wider field of vision.  The dark spot on each eye is a psedudopupil, which really isn’t a pupil at all, but an optical phenomena.

Praying mantids are highly predacious and feed on a variety of insects, including moths, crickets, grasshoppers and flies. They intently watch and stalk their prey. They will eat each other.

It’s a mantid eat mantid world out there.  Be careful, folks!


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