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Bull Snake

Young Bull Snake 3Yesterday must have been a great evening for snake sunning.  As I went to the garage from our house, I saw four different young bull snakes out on the road, soaking up the sun.  I almost stepped on this guy trying to retrieve my camera from the car.

Adult bull snakes can grow to 4 or 6 feet in length.  This was just a little guy – about an inch across and less than 2 feet long.  They are not poisonous like a rattlesnake, but I don’t know that I’d want to get bit by one either.  But bull snakes are helpful, eating all sorts of sundry vermin.  I don’t like the idea of him eating my beloved frogs and toads, but hey, a snake’s gotta make a living.

Turns out this was junior snake’s lucky night.  We were hosting a barbecue and he was right in the driveway where our guests would arrive in minutes.  After making the snake promise to eat only mice and other rodents,  I enlisted the help of Outdoor Guy to relocate him.  After being admired by Wyokiddo and some of our guests, the snake slid off the shovel and into our grass, off to live another day.


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