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Have skin…need snake

Snake Skin BW

Somewhere, a little bull snake is running around without his coat!

Snake skin has a limited capacity for enlargement.  Unlike humans or other mammals, a snake’s skin doesn’t all grow as the individual grows.  A snake will shed the outer layer of its skin and start fresh when needed.  Adult snakes usually shed two to four times a year.  Rapidly growing younger snakes can shed as often as every two weeks.  This shed was fairly small, not quite 18 inches in length, without the headpiece.  The scientific name for the process is called Ecdysis.

To shed, a snake will create a rip in their skin, usually around the head.  They do it by rubbing something hard and rough, like a rock or log.  The rocks in the “garden” at the side of our house are probably an ideal environment for just such a task.  Out with the old, in with the new!



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