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Leaves of Change

Leaves in Rock pool

This week, I’m participating in the weekly photo challenge, under the theme “Change.”  These are leaves caught in a rock pool on the Ten Sleep River, near Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Sure, the leaves have changed colors and the creek too had changed, with rocks and bank being exposed since high water earlier in the summer.  But this photo captures a moment in time, right before my life changed in so many wonderful, amazing ways.

I took this photo about three days after Outdoor Guy and I found out I was pregnant with Wyokiddo.  I was happy, so excited, about the tiny human I had growing inside me.  I knew it meant big changes, in so many ways.  Changes to my body.  Changes to our house.  Changes to our marriage.  It would mean the end of life as we knew it then, and the beginning of a new, wonderful, exhausting kind of life, one as parents.

Our lives have changed so very much since this photo.  We moved, had a baby, raised said baby from a toddler to a preschooler, moved again.  So many changes that the only constant for our family has been our commitment to love one another and change itself.

Right after I took this photo, I picked up a loose leaf and cast it in the pool, like a coin in a fountain, with a silent prayer for our baby growing inside me.

Then I set my camera down and threw up next to a cottonwood tree.

Memories.  🙂



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