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A Meal Fit for a Man

Elk Round Steak

It took me a while to learn the true way to my man’s heart…food.  Oh sure, Outdoor Guy loves me for a lot of reasons, but right up there at the top of his favorite things about me would be that I can make a pie from scratch and keep him in filling lunches and dinners.

Before we met, Outdoor Guy existed on microwave burritos and frozen pizza.  Now, his nightly dinner fare includes everything from enchiladas to homemade pizza, made with love by yours truly.  He also puts up with what some  might call “chick food,” things like chicken Caesar pizza,  sweet potato and black bean tostadas and homemade macaroni and cheese with spinach. And he happily tolerates my cooking misadventures like blue shepherd’s pie or exploding cobbler.

But sometimes, my lovin’ man needs a hearty meal.  So last night, I rustled up some wild game from the freezer and went to work.  Outdoor Guy dined on elk round steak prepared to tender perfection in the slow cooker, served with a side of oven roasted garlic potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and sauteed yellow squash.  Meat and potatoes at it’s very finest.

Man food.  Happy husband.  Life is good.



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