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Going, going, gone

Rooster on clouds

I had the opportunity to ride along with Outdoor Guy yesterday as he released a truckload of pheasants into the wild.  One by one, the birds flew the coop, so to speak.  Their reactions to being released were varied.  Some hit the open cage door at full speed.  Others peered out, reluctant to enter yet another new environment.  Several hens nonchalantly plopped on the ground and calmly waddled off.  A few had to be pulled out by hand.

Not this rooster.  For him, it was one leap of faith skyward, some serious wing flapping and he was lost to the wilds, on a wing and a sunset.


3 thoughts on “Going, going, gone”

    1. They really are fun birds. I get such a kick out of just watching them be pheasants. The roosters are very curious and will follow you around the pens trying to decide if you are friend of foe. The hens are much more secretive, hiding in the cover and under the shades. I love to just walk the pens and enjoy the roosters, especially. Each one is just a little different in terms of coloring. They are beautiful!

      Yes, they are bred and hatched right here. The breeders, as they call them, originally came from McFarlane’s Pheasants, Inc., out of Wisconsin. McFarlane’s supplements their genetics with wild genetics from China, where the ring-necked originated. Each year, about 1,000 birds are held over for breeding in the spring. They lay their eggs at this facility, and the eggs are collected, incubated and hatched here. Once all the eggs are collected, the breeders are released as well. Then the eggs hatch and we start all over again!


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