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Naturally Ornate

Ornate Pheasant Plumage“Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly extravagant.” From the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

I think most people associate the word “Ornate” with something man-made… a building, a dress, a sculpture.  But nature has some animals that are always dressed to impress.  And few creatures are more ostentatious than those living just outside my backdoor.  The Chinese Ring-Necked pheasant rooster is a study in extravagant plumage.  The males’ feathers are an iridescent mixture of copper, gold, black, purple, green and crisp white.  Their feathers glisten and shimmer in the sun changing texture and color as the rooster scampers about.  Pheasant feathers are popular adornments in home decor, hats, crafts and for tying artificial flies.  But I think the feathers are most beautiful in their original form, cruising the plains on a wing and a song.



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