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Parent-teacher conferences and dogs as siblings

Emily and Roxy.jpgLast night was my first ever parent-teacher conference.  Outdoor Guy and I ate a hasty dinner, threw Wyokiddo in the car and headed into town for a a review of my daughter’s scholastic performance.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  What would her teachers have to say?  Is she kind to the other kids?  Is she meeting social and academic milestones?  Is she the weird kid at school?  Aaccckk, I don’t want to her to be the weird kid!

She’s 3, by the way.

I realize my apprehension was a little overboard.  I only enrolled Wyokiddo in preschool as a way to make some friends in our new town and build social skills.  This isn’t a Yale prep school by any means.  But an assessment of Wyokiddo at this point in time is basically an assessment of my parenting.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m an overachiever.  So yes, I was obsessing.

I really shouldn’t have worried.  Mrs. Molly and Mrs. Mareta reported that Wyokiddo is flourishing in school.  She enjoys her new friends, is mindful of the adults and is showing progress in learning expectations.  When it came to her academic testing, she is learning at or well above her age.  Hooray!

Some levity was added to our evening when Mrs. Molly described Wyokiddo talking about her sister.  According to my preschooler, she has an older sister she loves very much.  Her sister is 8 years old, blonde and likes to run around and play dress up.  Wyokiddo failed to mention that her “sister” also occasionally eats her own poop, pukes up grass on my living room floor and is a dog.  A girl can dream, I suppose.

The best part of our night was hearing Wyokiddo’s teachers describe the things they like best about our daughter.  She is kind.  She is empathetic. She loves to give hugs. She is silly and funny.  She loves to learn and tries so hard to be a good listener and student.

It’s about all a mom can wish for from my little dynamo, whether she’s three or 13.  We are blessed.






1 thought on “Parent-teacher conferences and dogs as siblings”

  1. This reminds me that I got sent home from nursery school at that age…apparently, I did not play well with Patty Flannigan who had long pigtails that must have just been aching to get pulled. They let me back in the next day, but to this day, I have this “thing” for pigtails..


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