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Monday Yumminess: Moms’ Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot Chocolate

Outdoor Guy and I didn’t meet until well after college.  We grew up 400 miles apart on two separate sides of the state.  But we soon found we had a lot of things in common from how we were raised.  Our moms had the same green checkered dish towels, peach flowery wallpaper and blue flowered cookware in their cupboards.  And the exact same hot chocolate mix recipe.

To this day, I don’t care for hot chocolate you can buy in packets in the store.  Starbucks comes close, but I prefer the recipe we both inherited from our mothers, independently. It’s not fancy.  It doesn’t put on airs.  It certainly isn’t organic.  But it makes a darn good cup of smooth, not-too-chocolaty hot chocolate.  Which is pretty much all I want from a mug of hot chocolate in the first place.

Moms’ Hot Chocolate Mix

16 oz. instant chocolate mix (we use Nestle Quick)
8 quarts dry instant milk
5 oz. non-dairy creamer
1 cup powdered sugar

1.  Mix thoroughly and store in a large, tightly covered container.
2.  When ready to use, add 1/3 cup mix to 1 cup hot water.

I should add Step 3.  Curse yourself because you didn’t wait long enough and now you’ve burnt the roof of your mouth.  Drat!

Outdoor Guy almost doubles the recommended amount of mix when he makes a cup.  I find 1/3 cup to be the perfect blend.

I will add that this makes a lot of hot chocolate mix.  A LOT.  So be sure to have a giant mixing bowl and storage container available.  This mix also makes a great gift to give away.  Throw some in a mason jar, dress up the jar with some ribbon and fabric and print some instructions for the mix.  Instant homemade gift!

I also know folks that use flavored creamer to change the flavor…you could try cinnamon, hazelnut or French vanilla.  I’m a purist, but suit yourselves!



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