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Cuteness Advisory

Warning!  You are about to experience an overload in complete adorableness in 3…2…1…

Cottontail Bunny 1 CR

This cottontail bunny is probably a month or so old.  It and three siblings were nestled between our bird pens and the barn.  Normally, I find beauty in the unusual.  But cute is cute, and these little bunnies have the cute market cornered!

It is tempting to pick up these little guys for a snuggle or closer inspection.  But, please don’t unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary for their survival (such as in the path of a mower or in your yard where dogs or cats will easily get them).  These are wild animals and should be left alone to remain wild.  They have usually not been abandoned by their mother or orphaned.  Either mom will return shortly or the babies are old enough to leave the nest.

Attempting to “rescue” these bunnies or other newborn wildlife can be illegal, unnecessary and harmful to you and the animal.  You can stress the animal or pass on disease. The animal can bite and scratch and pass diseases on to you.  Or, worse, you could actually cause the newborn animal to be orphaned by its mother.  Every year, Wyoming Game and Fish wardens and biologists have to euthanize newborns like bunnies, antelope and deer fawns, bobcat kittens, etc., because the public mistakenly believes these young animals have been abandoned. Misguided folks pick up the animals and bring them to the Game and Fish offices to be saved, when in reality, the animals are being placed in serious jeopardy.  Learn, look and leave them alone!

This has been your wildlife public service announcement of the day.  You may now go back to your regularly scheduled web surfing. 🙂



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