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Thirty Seconds of Zen: Starlings Take Flight


I love watching starlings.  This group, known as a mumuration, was swooping and swirling as if a single entity just outside our my backdoor.

A study done by National Council of Research and the University of Rome found starlings model a complex physical phenomenon, known as scale-free correlation.  There’s actually some heavy-duty math underlying the phenomenon, but essentially each bird in the flock responds to changes the others make in direction or speed.  The changes are made nearly simultaneously, and the information moves across the flock so quickly it looks seamless.

I don’t fully understand the science, but I certainly know beauty when it takes flight.



1 thought on “Thirty Seconds of Zen: Starlings Take Flight”

  1. This is so beautiful, Teresa! I’ve read somewhere that birds fly that way to conserve energy by taking advantage of the upwash vortex fields created by the wings of the birds in front. Also it facilitates orientation and communication among the birds. How lovely and intelligent is that? 🙂 Have a happy weekend!


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