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Beginning Again

Emily Chicks 2

Monday marked our one year anniversary of living in Goshen County, Wyoming, and of Outdoor Guy’s switch from raising fish to raising birds.  Not that he had any time for reflection, because it was time for this season’s chicks to hatch.

We spent last evening admiring the brand new pheasant chicks and enjoying the sheer tininess of it all.  Tiny beaks, tiny wings and tiny little attitudes…one was fascinated with my wedding ring and kept pecking at the shiny band in my hand.

It’s been quite a year.  We said goodbye to the place where Wyokiddo was born.  Outdoor Guy said goodbye to a job he’d done for almost fifteen years.  We’ve put down new roots, made new friends and reconnected with others.  We buried my father and our dog.  Wyokiddo has grown up so much, transforming from an uncertain toddler into a confident and sunny preschooler.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than surrounding ourselves with life anew.  Here’s to another trip around the sun.  Whatever it might bring.



1 thought on “Beginning Again”

  1. Teresa, we are so sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. Deepest of sympathy to you and your family. It really was a pleasure to meet both of your parents when you and Ben were married.

    I love your stories. They bring back a few fond memories of my own. Emily sure has a great Mom and Dad to show her the miracles and magic in life.

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