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The Unartful Dodger

Heron3 CRIf you knew me, you would know that of my many wonderful personality traits, being sneaky is not one of them. My husband teases that I have the stealth of dairy cow.  So capturing a good heron shot has been a bit of a challenge. They are spooky buggers!

All of my previous efforts have resulted in either A.) stunning landscapes with a speck of a bird that may or may not be a heron or B.) the south end of a north-bound heron.

Today, my luck changed. This isn’t National Geographic material by any means, but it’s a heron. In focus. And filling enough of the frame to identify it as such.  So while I am still probably the last person you should pick for a clandestine affair requiring any sort of furtiveness, I can cross a heron shot off my wildlife photo bucket list.

In the mean time, I’ll continue to hone my inner-puma cat.



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