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Another Mouth to Feed

Mouths to Feed

Apparently mom and dad were not bringing the groceries fast enough to suit this day-old robin chick.  I think this is the same posture I assume when waiting for the coffee in the morning. 🙂

A few weeks ago, Wyokiddo noticed a nest in the cedar tree outside our backdoor.  To our delight, we found four perfectly blue tiny eggs nestled inside and a mama robin hovering anxiously nearby.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the nest the last few days.  Last night, Wyokiddo brought me a robin’s egg she had found in the grass, about 30 yards from the tree.

“What happened, Mama?”

I carefully turned the egg around in my hand.  The shell had a tiny hole in it, but was otherwise intact.  I feared maybe one of the more aggressive birds had gotten into the nest to eat the eggs, and this had fallen out in the melee.  We’d seen several nests near our old house fall victim to roving magpies.

But this mama was successful.  Hooray!  Three bright yellow gaping beaks peeked out over the top of the nest, and three broken shells lay among them.

“But what about this one?” Wyokiddo asked, holding up the sky blue treasure.

Outdoor Guy explained to Wyokiddo that the mama robin had probably kicked it out of the nest when it failed to hatch.

Now, when Wyokiddo runs past the tree she calls out to the chicks.  “HI tiny robins!  Hope you liked your worms!”

It would not surprise me one bit if she grows up to work for the Audubon Society.



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