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Breaking Out

Hatch 3-62 a

We welcomed another batch of chicks today at the Downar Bird Farm.  It is pretty near impossible to have a bad day when you get to start it with 6,000 fuzzy, cheeping pheasant chicks!

Don’t you just want to snuggle this little guy?  My favorite part of this photo is that you can make out the chick’s egg tooth…that’s the tiny hook on the end of the beak.  The egg tooth isn’t really a tooth, but is a sharp little extra “cap” on the end of the beak that helps the chick hatch. A chick will first use the egg tooth to puncture the air sac within the egg, giving the chick additional oxygen toward the end of its incubation period.  Then the chick will use the egg tooth to break out of the egg shell, known to poultry nerds like Outdoor Guy as pipping.

Some frogs, lizards, crocodiles and spiders also have an egg tooth.

A few days after hatching, the egg tooth falls off, as it is no longer needed.

I wish it worked that way for humans.  I have a little extra something on my thighs I’m not needing that could fall off any day now…



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