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Still Learning

When it comes to photography, I think Michelangelo summed it up best for me.

“I am still learning,” he said at the ripe old age of 87.

Last week, I did a family photo shoot with my nephews and former sister-in-law.  I am more than pleased with how they turned out, but looking at them in post-processing, there are things I know I could do differently next time.  I can definitely improve my posing, I need to watch my background (hello, ugly fuse box!) and a dozen other things need tweaked during the shoot.

But I can also see how much my skills have grown in just the last year, and that is heartening.  Books, websites, other photographers, photography forums and simply picking up my camera and shooting every day have all helped me grow as a photographer. No doubt a year from now, I’ll be saying the same thing…I’ve gotten better, but I am still learning.  And that, after all, is a pretty good metaphor for life.


P.S.  Lock up your daughters, folks.  These boys killed it in their session!  Of course, I might be a little biased, but I think they are pretty dang handsome!  Love these kids!




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