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Cottonwood TreeIt was a pretty uneventful day, by anyone’s standards.  Outdoor Guy, Wyokiddo and I took in a few garage sales in the county, spending a grand total of $6 for a bike helmet (Wyokiddo), boot dryer (Outdoor Guy) and U.S. history book and scrapbook paper (me).

Wyokiddo and I spent almost two hours in our small inflatable pool we set up on our patio.

Dinner featured t-bones from a steer raised by my father-in-law, a salad made with produce from our garden and homemade ranch dressing made with herbs also from our garden.  We topped it off with root-beer floats for the whole family, followed by another round in the pool.

My life is not glamorous.  I shop at garage sales, drive a used SUV and forget to put on deodorant, let alone makeup some days.  But I have a husband that respects me and provides for us, a daughter who looks up to me, a family that loves me, money in the bank, food on my plate and a roof over my head.

As the Zach Brown Band would say, I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t.

I am rich beyond words.  Maybe we could all do with a little more homegrown in our lives.  Just a thought.



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