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Water Tower Town

Water Tower Town

In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up.

On our first trip to our new home here in eastern Wyoming, I had to smile when I looked up and saw not one, but two, water towers greeting our arrival.  It made me think of Scotty McCreery’s hit song…

In a water tower town everybody waves…

We only moved 350 miles, from western Wyoming to the eastern edge of the same state.  But Pinedale seems a continent apart from our new home near Yoder, Wyoming.  The town itself isn’t much to speak of.  There’s a K-12 school that Wyokiddo will attend, a post office and a community center that caters mostly to seniors.  The local restaurant closed a while back, and even the bar shut down.  We have no mountains, the temperature has already reached 100 degrees three times this year and there is nary a moose in sight.

I never felt comfortable with the oil-field wives or yuppie turned hippie crowd in Pinedale.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved the wildness of of the Wind River Country and we made some great friends in our time there.  But this place feels like home in a way that Sublette County never did.  I was raised in these plains, just south of here, so the grassland and wide open spaces feel comfortable to me.

But mostly, it’s just because of the people.  Their attitude toward work, money, possessions and what’s important in life more closely mirrors my own. They wave when they drive  down our road.  Folks drive Ma’s car to town because it gets better gas mileage and the farm truck is dirty.  Traffic jams are caused by farm equipment.  We get invitations to events hand-delivered to our mailbox.  There is a different value set and pace to life.

Where your friend’s a friend and your word’s your word
And our pickup trucks, they ain’t for looks, they’re made for work
Corn grows high, crime stays low
There’s little towns everywhere where everybody knows

Yeah, Friday night football is king
Sweet tea goes good with anything
Peace and quiet make such a beautiful sound.
Nobody eats ’til you say amen
And everybody knows your mom and them
You can see who loves who for miles around
In a water tower town.
Yeah, in a water tower town.

This water tower town suits me just fine.




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