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The Sentinel of Goshen County

Bear Mountain CR.jpgLong before I ever moved to Goshen County, Wyoming, to live on the bird farm, I traveled here to meet a friend from college and tour his farm and vineyard.  As he was explaining the area landmarks, he mentioned something about Bear Mountain.

“What mountain?” I asked.  I remembered passing some mesas, but certainly no mountains and none that I thought would be bear habitat.  This place was pretty flat, as topograpy went in the Cowboy State.

“The big plateau looking thing as you head South toward Cheyenne.  There’s a rock that juts out from it that looks like a bear.”

I contemplated the scenery on my drive home and did indeed locate “the bear.”  I called The Ferd to tell him I’d arrived safely and thank him for dinner.  I also told him the rock looked more like a prairie dog than it did a bear.

His response was prompt and vehement.

“You shut your damn dirty mouth, Terry.  That’s a bear and no one can tell us locals otherwise!”

Now that I’m a resident, “the bear” greets me each time I leave or enter our county to the South.  Even Wyokiddo likes to snap photos of the beast out her window.  He’s a fixture on our drive to see Nana and a welcome site as we head for home after a long day in the big city.

He’s my bear and I’m sticking with him.  (But I still think it looks like a prairie dog.)



1 thought on “The Sentinel of Goshen County”

  1. It seems to an outside reader that those quotes are made up to fit your dialogue and story, Terry. (If that is your real name). Now this Ferd character on the other hand seems very interesting but I am sure he would never tell you to shut your dirty mouth or force you to recognize such an area landmark the way you describe. Namaste.


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