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Mantis Mayhem

Praying Mantis Final-3 CRThis is my contribution to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!

I’m no entomologist, but I am developing a certain affinity for bugs.  Especially bugs that eat other bugs, like this mantis.  Outdoor Guy found him in our yard this morning, so Wyokiddo and I took a break from a morning of puzzles and coloring to head outside for an inspection.

Most people call this a praying mantis, but I’ve been told that is a general description, not an actual species.  This is probably a Carolina mantis, and a juvenile at that.  I’d never seen a white mantis, so I did some research.  Mantises molt up to 10 times as they grow into an adult, and after they molt, are white for a time.  This poor guy just finished molting and then was accosted by a 4-year old with a stick and housewife with a camera.

Probably not his best day, but an awesome find for me and my daughter.  We spent part of our morning watching him climb sticks, groom himself and even assume a fighting stance with provoked.  Sometimes, you gotta leave your breakfast on the table and go have some fun with a bug!



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