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Hurling Insults

I had a guy try to insult me on a completely unpolitical Facebook thread by calling me a Hillary supporter.

I am not, in fact, a Hillary supporter. But neither am I a Trump supporter. I am a registered Republican, pro-gun, pro-hunting, fiscally conservative, pro-ag, anti-federal land transfer, pro-gay marriage, pro-energy, anti-hate, anti-fear mongering, educated Christian white girl who stands for the national anthem and believes climate change is probably a real thing and that money talks louder in politics than either public opinion or science. I was raised to think for myself and not feel constrained by a political idealogy I had no hand in creating. I evaluate people by their character and how they treat me and mine, not by the color of their skin, their income, their religion, their sexuality, their education or even by a completely unpolitical comment on a social media site. My morals, values and beliefs don’t fit nicely into either an R or D box and who I vote for on any given day is nobody’s damn business but my own.

If someone wants to insult me, they’re going to have to do better than call me a Hillary supporter, because I happen to know some very smart and talented Hillary supporters. I’m even probably related to some. I don’t agree with them politically on many issues, and never will.

But neither could you insult me by calling me a Trump supporter.  I happen to know some very smart and talented Trump supporters.  I’m even probably related to some.  I don’t agree with them politically on many issues, and never will.

Here’s the thing…I am confident enough in my own beliefs and values not to be threatened by a dissenting opinion. In fact, the only way we ever grow is to open ourselves to different ideas and a different way of thinking.  I know that my beliefs are different than they were ten years ago, largely in part by the highly-intelligent, eloquent and compassionate conservative AND liberal folks I’ve had the opportunity with which to surround myself.

I will engage in an intelligent, civilized conversation on any issue with anybody trying to improve their knowledge base, regardless of their political affiliation. I certainly don’t need to post terribly unimaginative insults on a completely unrelated Facebook page to make me feel better about life or place in this world.

Seriously folks, this is what our country has come to?  Slinging perceived insults at someone you’ve never met on a social media garage sale site.  It is a sad day indeed.  I don’t know how to fix things, but I also know that we are headed down one dangerous path.

I wanted so much to reply to this guy that has never met me but decided to judge me because I dared to offer a different perspective that does not assume the worst in people.  A million different replies went through my mind. I even typed a few out, but never clicked the send button. Then I realized that it would be wrong to turn a post on a Facebook garage sale site about a woman having to euthanize her very old and sick horse into a political debate. That woman is hurting and going through a really tough time. She needs kindness and compassion, not me and my intelligent repartee hijacking her post during a very, very tough time in her life.

So if you are so inclined, say a prayer to your God or simply make a wish to the great beyond to help this woman and her daughter deal with the heartache of losing her beloved horse.  And maybe say a prayer for humanity while you are at it.  I fear we need all the help we can get.


P.S.  If you want to piss me off, call me a CSU fan.  That’s the worst insult a University of Wyoming grad and fan can endure. Or a Phil Sims supporter.  I HATE that guy!  🙂



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