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Fall Mini-Sessions

Part two of raising some money for my daughter’s preschool involved shooting Fall Mini-Sessions.  With the help of another mom from the school, we created a super fun themed “pumpkin stand” for the kids and families to use during the shoot.

Ok.  That was a total lie.  Jess did all the work.  I showed up with a pumpkin and a wagon.  The rest was entirely her.  I told her she was permanently hired as my set designer!

So two re-purposed pallets and a giant bowl of candy corn later, we were ready to roll!  I spent two Sunday afternoons taking family photos for preschool and community area families.  It was hard work, but wonderful on so many levels.  I got to meet some amazing families, work on some photography and editing skills, and get to know some of the other preschool moms better.  And we raised about $600 for the school.

In all, it was a great project that probably benefited me as an aspiring photographer more so than it did Wee Pals Preschool.  But it was sort of exhausting.  Almost a month later, I uploaded the final edits for the last “client.”

Bring on the wine.  That’s fall themed, right?



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