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Roxy Dog-1

This is my new favorite photo of the Roxy dog, simply because a week after getting bit by a rattlesnake, she’s still around for me to take it.  This will never win any photography contests, but it’s the most beautiful image I’ve seen in a while.


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The White Dog


And then there was one.

A little over a year ago, we had three dogs: Archie, the ever-ready border collie; Hoops, the fluffy, grumpy big dog; and Roxy, the “white dog” who would would suffer blonde jokes if she was a human.  We had to euthanize Archie and Hoops, so now we are a one-dog family.

Roxy is pretty worthless as a dog – she doesn’t hunt, doesn’t fetch, would probably lick an intruder before biting him, and won’t clean up the food that falls on the floor when I’m cooking.  But I love her anyway.  She lets Wyokiddo dote on her, is always ready for a walk and occasionally makes Outdoor Guy smile with her dingbat ways.  I guess we’ll keep her.  I mean, just look at this face.  How could you not love this face?




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Give me an old dog

Roxy DogThis is Roxy.  She is one of three members of our motley crew of dogs.  I tend to think of her as as my pup, because our other two dogs are both 12 years old.  But looking at this photo reminds me that she is no spring chicken.  She’s 8 this year, and if you look close she’s starting to show her age.

Our neighbor up the road has a lab puppy that comes to play at our house on occasion.  Wyokiddo is in love with the puppy, and says the puppy is her favorite dog in the whole wide world.

I understand.  Puppies are fun.  They are cute.  They have sweet faces that you just want to smooch on.  Everyone loves puppies.  But for me, there’s nothing better than a loyal old dog.  A dog that let’s my 3-year old dress her up in play jewelry or climbs up the plastic slide just because the 3-yeard old asked her to.  A dog that lays at the threshold of Outdoor Guy’s closed bedroom door because he wants to be close to his master at all times.  A dog that  knows when I am sad and offers his head for a scratch because he wants to make me feel better.  A defender.  A protector. A friend.

Our dogs have a lot of miles on them.  But I know we are all better for the journey.

“Dog ownership is like a rainbow.  Puppies are the joy at one end. And old dogs the treasure at the other.” Carolyn Alexander