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Oh Captain! my Captain!


Experimenting with some macro work, inspired by one of my favorite poems.  Photography is a new passion, but literature will always be my first love.



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Cherry On Top

Emily SplashingMy response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on top.

While Outdoor Guy toiled away tending to pheasants, Wyokiddo and I spent some time cooling off in the town pool.  She swam and splashed her way through the better part of the afternoon as I kept one eye on her and one eye on a burgeoning thunderstorm toward the south.

When my little water bug had her fill, we headed for home.  As our car climbed out of the valley and headed toward the bird farm, the tail end of the storm I’d been watching crossed the plains up ahead.  A solid wall of white and gray clouds extended as far as I could see from east to west.  I hoped it meant rain, because we have been oh so very, very dry here in the Inter-mountain West.

Excited, I called Outdoor Guy and confirmed that it was indeed raining at our house.  By the time I pulled into the driveway, the water falling from the sky was oscillating between big, fat raindrops and pea-sized hail.  My husband met me at our unattached garage with raincoats for me and Wyokiddo so we wouldn’t get soaked dashing to the house.

It is only our second summer here in Goshen County, Wyoming, so we don’t really have a yardstick of measurement.  But all of our friends and colleagues are saying it has been one of the hottest, driest summers they can remember.  Outdoor Guy and I were practically giddy with excitement at the moisture.  Thirty minutes later, the skies were clear and we were left with 6/10s of an inch of rain and cooler temperatures in the wake of the storm.

The cherry on top was the chance for Wyokiddo to go splashing in puddles.  Life is always better when there are puddles.



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WPC: Vibrant


Painting DinosaursMy contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

One of my goals this year for my photography was to take some more lifestyle shots.  I wanted to do a better job of capturing moments, and not necessarily faces and smiles.  Those are wonderful, but sometimes the little details are much better.

I love this photo because it is vibrant.  But it’s also tiny fingers with a cartoon bandage eagerly painting pictures of her newest obsession.  A quiet afternoon spent with just the two of us laughing and talking.  A vibrant photo of a moment in time with my vibrant little girl.


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Naturally Ornate

Ornate Pheasant Plumage“Forget about subdued and restrained. This week, let’s embrace the breathtakingly extravagant.” From the Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

I think most people associate the word “Ornate” with something man-made… a building, a dress, a sculpture.  But nature has some animals that are always dressed to impress.  And few creatures are more ostentatious than those living just outside my backdoor.  The Chinese Ring-Necked pheasant rooster is a study in extravagant plumage.  The males’ feathers are an iridescent mixture of copper, gold, black, purple, green and crisp white.  Their feathers glisten and shimmer in the sun changing texture and color as the rooster scampers about.  Pheasant feathers are popular adornments in home decor, hats, crafts and for tying artificial flies.  But I think the feathers are most beautiful in their original form, cruising the plains on a wing and a song.


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“…an old dirt road, and I’ll be just fine.” WPC: Happy Place

WPC - Happy Place

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place.

“Give me…an old dirt road, and I’ll be just fine.”  Justin Moore, Small Town U.S.A.

Horse pastures.  Hog barns.  Corn fields.  Hunting spots.  Fishing Holes.  Home.  Solitude.  Peace.  Friends. Family.  The best things in my life are at the end of some dirt road.