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Noisy Chicken

Crowing Pheasant.jpg

I don’t know what he’s crowing about, but he’s giving it his all.


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Border Collie Bird Bath

Baby Bird-5DRW.jpg

This little chick had a rough day today.  I’m not sure how his afternoon began, but it ended with a tongue bath from a very curious puppy.  Border collies make terrible bird mamas.  He’s now safely ensconced in a tree in our yard awaiting some assistance from mom.



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peacock-feather-3-cwThe stomach bug hit this Wyoming family with a vengeance the last few weeks.  First, it took Wyokiddo down for the count.  And just when Outdoor Guy and I thought we were out of the woods….blammo…

After three days of contemplating my own mortality from the floor of the bathroom, I’m back upright and ready to go.  I even broke out my new tabletop studio and took some glamour shots of the peacock feather Wyokiddo bought at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

I’m partial to pheasants, but peacocks have some awfully beautiful feathers, too.


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I’ve heard a group of birds referred to as a “dissimulation.”  Google defines that term as “concealment of one’s thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense.”

Who knew birds were so shady?  Given the thousands of red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds I saw today, we might be in big trouble with these nefarious beings lurking about…


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Chickens are the New Chihuahuas

Emily and Chicken-5

This week in micro-fashion…

Looking for the latest in back-to-school accessories for your preschooler? Might I suggest a pocket chicken! Boas are out, bantys are in! Pink, turquoise, t-shirts, leggings, they really do go with any outfit…

Meet Erica the Bantam rooster.  Erica-the-girl named Erica-the-rooster before anyone knew he was a she (the rooster, not the girl). The rooster belongs to Wyokiddo’s papa.  The erstwhile clucker-turned-crower quickly fell under the spell of the curly-haired dynamo.  Wyokiddo would pick up Erica and pack him around under her arm while she helped her papa do chores.  If she put him down, it wasn’t long before he was back at her feet, lobbying for loves and meal worms.

My daughter, the chicken-whisperer.



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At Rest

Humming Bird CRI miss the hummingbirds.  At our home in western Wyoming, we would have 7 to 30 hummingbirds visiting our feeders on any given day.  They would buzz our heads as we played in Wyokiddo’s  sandbox and jockey for position at the feeder or for the best hiding spot in our trees and hedges.

Outside the hippo venue at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a small garden designed with these tiny birds in mind.  There are feeders and flowers designed to attract the hummingbirds, and on the day we visited a half-dozen or more zipped around.  I didn’t want to wait out or fight the handful of folks trying to photograph the birds.  But I did manage to catch this one taking a break in the shade.  The monochromatic thing I’ve got going on was completely unintentional, but if you can’t be good, be lucky!


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That Awkward Stage

Pheasant Rooster CR

The pheasants are beginning to show their secondary sex characteristics, and it makes for a fun evening walking through the pens.  The roosters, like this guy, are getting their red eye and cheek patches and laying down their new colored feathers.  His white “ring-neck” is just starting to appear as well.  I love watching the transformation from fuzzy yellow chick to sleek, ornate beauties.

The boys are also starting to act like boys – strutting and preening and pushing each other around.  But the best part is hearing them try to crow when they really haven’t gotten their big boy voices yet.  Er-er-er-er-ARRRAQUSAKSEK!


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Young Robin CR.jpg

As I pushed Wyokiddo on her swing this morning, I noticed an adult robin hopping around with a worm in its mouth. My daughter and I stopped playing and watched as the robin took the worm to the base of our tree and fed it to a baby robin! He was so still and blends in so well, we didn’t even notice him until he opened his beak! This little guy must have fallen from the nest and isn’t quite ready to fly, so mama and daddy robin are taking him food. I just love his little “ear tufts.”

We see a lot of the ugly side of nature.  It’s nice to see the tender side, too.