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Goodbye to Summer

Rose Closed

This rose from my mother-in-law’s garden did it’s best to stave off the rain and cold last weekend in northern Wyoming.  I’m ready for a cool-down, but it’s always sad saying goodbye to summer.

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Gifts from Little People


“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mama. Sorry they’re dead. But uh, it’s winter, so…”

Wyokiddo @ 4  years old.  If I’m being honest, I’ve received far less thoughtful gifts from far less cuter humans.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Show the world how big your heart is today, and every day.


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Sunday of Summer Flowers

FlowerYesterday when Wyokiddo and I were playing outside, I found these amazing little flowers that just now bloomed.  The flower are just slightly bigger than a quarter.  It reminded me of a cactus flower.  Big beauty in a tiny package.

Friends tell me they are Portulaca grandiflora, commonly called rose moss.  They are related to Portulaca oleracea, a species that is cultivated as an edible delicacy in Europe and Asia.  The rose moss is the flowering species and not so tasty.  And sometimes not so lovingly cultivated.  These plants apparently love high temperatures, well-drained soil and are incredibly drought-hardy.  Well, we’ve got those conditions in spades around here, so maybe I’ll get to see more of them next summer.

They are the last little bit of color before winter sets in, the Sunday to our summer.



A Thistle By Any Other Name is a Weed

Musk thistle is a weed here in Goshen County.  It is native to Europe and parts of Asia, but was introduced to the United States and Canada in the early 1900s.  Musk thistle invades pasture, forest and range lands.  It is an aggressive plant that spreads rapidly by forming dense stands that crowd out native species and livestock forage.

Even so, it is still awful pretty.


Thistle 2Thistle 3 Thistle 4 Thistle 5