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Little Honker

Zoo Trip-1-2

This little fuzzball and its siblings treated us to some uber cuteness yesterday.   It is a good thing mama goose was so protective, or this little bugger might have come home in my pocket!  Canada goose gosling, Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


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On the Wing

This is my contribution to this week’s WP weekly photo challenge “Seasons.”

When you are married to a man who works for your state’s wildlife management agency, seasons not measured in the passing of time or the changing of weather.  Seasons become about who can hunt what and where, or what animals are around.

We are in the midst of goose season here in Eastern Wyoming.  I have enjoyed the endless skies filled with rowdy honking Canada geese.  I love driving to town and seeing stubble fields dark with their fa bodies.  My favorite moments are when the geese fly low enough to hear the methodical flapping of their wings.  After a small flock of five geese buzzed our yard, Wyokiddo found this feather in their wake.  It marks our love of the season of migration.

Canada goose feather, Yoder, Wyoming.

Goose Feather Wet

Hope your weekend takes flight!