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Canine Entertainment

This is how Wyokiddo and I entertained ourselves tonight.  Photographing the dogs while tossing them treats.

I set up some studio lights in our basement to take school photos of Wyokiddo.  I’d seen a funny series of images of dogs being thrown treats and decided to have some fun with it.  Wyokiddo and I giggled our way through two dogs and about two dozen shots.  These were the most entertaining!

Dogs Catching Treats WebDogs Catching Treats Web-2Dogs Catching Treats Web-3Dogs Catching Treats Web-4Dogs Catching Treats Web-5Dogs Catching Treats Web-6

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Wee Pals Preschool Set Up (1 of 1)-6This is how he gets the pheasants to do what he wants them to do.  The border collie stare.  Side note: it’s also how he convinces me to let him snuggle in my lap.



The best photos aren’t always works of art…

Little RoxyThis is Roxy.  She is my parents’ miniature dachshund.  She is 15 pounds of bad breath, licking, wiggling love.  A few weeks ago, my mom commented that she didn’t have a very good photo of Roxy.  So the next time I was in town, I broke out my camera and set about to get a “good photo.”

It won’t win any awards and isn’t a work of art.  But it captures the sassy little bugger’s personality and beautiful dapple coat.  Then my father, who has to live in a nursing home away from my mom and Roxy because of his ailing health, described it as perfect, well, that’s enough for me.