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After the Storm

Mother Nature blessed us with somewhere between a foot and 20 inches of snow in the last two days. It’s hell on road travel and bird pens, but the moisture is oh so very needed. This is the calm after the storm!


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The Theatre, The Theatre


…what’s happened to the theatre?”

I can’t speak for Danny Kaye, but this Goshen County photographer thinks our movie theater here is pretty alright.  Every time I drive by this grand old building at night, I am struck by it’s beauty.  Last night, I finally stopped to capture that beauty in a photograph.  The Wyoming Theater in Torrington, Wyoming.


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Freezing rain and snow
Folks falling on their butts now
Mother Nature laughs.

My contribution to WPC – Repurpose…Mother nature is the ultimate upcycler…from water to snow to water again…

This is my first attempt at snowflake macro work.  And haiku, for that matter.  I should probably just stick to photography.


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The Blue Beast


I went out to shoot geese and wound up shooting this beautiful beast instead.  This old guy hangs out just off main street in our small town.  I’ve driven by him a dozen times, but he’s never looked as magnificent as he did this day, blanketed in snow.

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Sorensen Family – Southeast Wyoming Family Photography


These handsome little cowboys, their smiley sister and awesome parents live just down the road from us.  We’re happy to be neighbors and friends with this beautiful family, as I was flattered when she asked me to take their family photos.

I love watching these boys in action.  Big Brother is quiet, methodical and kind.  He has an old soul.  He is so patient and sweet with Wyokiddo.  He even helps out here on the bird farm occasionally, putting men four times his age to shame with his work ethic and natural abilities around livestock.

Maddog, as little brother is affectionately known, is trouble in cowboy boots.  He’s adventurous, bold and the right blend of orneriness and sweetness that will have girls eating out of his hand here in another ten years or so.  He’s always up for a good time, and will tell anyone who will listen how brave and strong his dad is or how nice his mom is.  Wyokiddo is in awe of him and is always coming home from preschool telling me Maddog stories.  It’s no surprise, really, because that’s how I remember his dad from my days showing pigs in 4-H and FFA…as the ornery little brother who didn’t take anyone’s grief.

Little Sister is always all smiles and light.  She’s not walking yet, but given time, I have no doubt she’ll do everything her big brothers can do, just maybe in pink and pigtails.  And have daddy wrapped around her finger in the process.

Together, these kids will no doubt keep their parents on their toes.  But if anyone is up for the job of wrangling these three into respectful, hard-working and down-to-earth, it’s their parents.  I can’t wait to watch these kids grow up and get to know this awesome family better.


*This great storyboard is the work of the Rita at  It’s a great resource for photographers just learning the power of Photoshop.   Check it out!

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What’s in the Box?

pheasant-foot“What’s in box?” Brad Pitt asks Morgan Freeman’s character toward the end of the movie Se7en.

I sort of feel like that opening our freezer.  I never know what I’ll find.  I’ve never found a severed head ala Brad Pitt.  But my wildlife biologist/fish culturist/hunter/angler husband has been known to store the odd critter in the frigid depths.

Today it was a pheasant wrapped in newspaper that he plans to have mounted.  I’ve also stumbled across chicks, mice, big game capes, random fish parts and internal organs of various flavors.

I bet wives of accountants never have these problems. 🙂


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Wyoming Wino


Wyoming is known for many things…wide open skies, mountains, grizzly bears, cowboys and cattle.  Wine is not one of those things.  But the folks at Table Mountain Vineyards in Huntley, Wyoming, are trying to change that.  They’re growing grapes, making wine, drinking wine and generally keeping life interesting.

TMV was the brain child of one of my best friends from college.  I’ve watched Patrick and his family turn a crazy idea into a thriving family business.  What started as a few acres of grapes is now a vineyard, winery and tasting room that hosts weddings.  They even offer paint-and-sip sessions where you can channel your inner Monet and and sample some wine.

I spent a few hours wandering the vineyards earlier this fall.  TMV has almost ten acres under grapes, which is about 10,000 vines.  These grapes are Wyoming tough – cold-hardy varieties specifically chosen to withstand our higher altitudes and colder climates. They have great names like Frontenac, Elviria and Marcheal Foch.  The grapes are picked and processed right at the vineyard, becoming wines with equally colorful names…S.O.B. (Son of a Berry), Cowgirl Blush and Wyoming Nectar.

The wines are full of “character.”  And no wonder – just look at these grapes.  They’ve got character in spades!

If you find yourself in Wyoming, pick up a bottle of a TMV wine and taste a little bit of my state with every sip!